"LIFT track and field is a fantastic program that not only builds athletic competence, but builds character. Instituting wonderful coaches for all events, kids not only get to improve on athletic ability, but athletes build patience, commitment, discipline, and enjoyment of a life long sport."
"Coach Krich is awesome!"
"Coaches at LIFT are inclusive, productive, patient, and competent. Coach Krich, the throws coach, has improved my throws by miles, he is encouraging, and is quite knowledgeable about anything and everything around the sport! Coach Krich works tirelessly to ensure every small thing is in order for practice and meets. Fantastic coaches make a fantastic program, and LIFT is a fantastic program."
"LIFT helped me get recruited to a school I love on an athletic scholarship. By trying new events not offered in high school and by joining USATF, I was able to get more out of my bubble and reach out to more coaches. And this is thanks to LIFT!"
Thank you so much for providing a great environment that I could learn in. I really enjoyed landsharks last year and LIFT this year. I always looked forward to practice and I just hope you to have lots of great kids next summer for the program! 
Sydney Marr shot,discus, javelin, and hammer thrower

Sydney Marr 4th at State in Shot 7th in Discus

It is my pleasure to give a testimonial for Coach Matt Krich and his summer track program.  I have known Matt Krich as a friend and coach since my daughters were in middle school track in 2006, on through to my son throwing for the middle school track team, then high school, and now college.  Throughout the years, Matt has coached all three of my children in track and field.  My youngest son, Jackson, is a four-time Colorado 4A State Champion in Shot Put and Discus.  I believe this is, in large part, due to Matt Krich’s coaching.  Matt taught him how to throw in middle school, coached him over the summer in JO Club Track and through private coaching lessons.  He went with Jackson to St. Louis for the Outdoor USATF Track and Field Championships in 2013 where Jackson took 2nd in the Nation in Discus and 4th in Shot Put.

Matt has worked as a middle school track coach, a college track coach, a private coach, and a club coach (Landsharks and Let It Fly Track LIFT Club).  He has experience with teaching the fundamentals of many events, although he concentrates on Field Events such as shot put, discus, hammer throw, and javelin.  He has a good way with kids, encouraging them to go beyond what they think they can do.  He knows how to work athletes hard without breaking them, and giving technical knowledge on how to perform better in field events.

He is also a master’s competitor.  As recently as 2010, he placed in the top 5 of the Shot Put, Discus, Hammer Throw, and Javelin at the National level.  Not only can he coach the throws, he can perform them too.  http://www.usatf.org/events/2010/USAMastersOutdoorTFChampionships/entry/status_45-49.asp  (search for Matt Krich and it will scroll down to the throws events).

Knowing Matt as a colleague at DCC Discovery Canyon Campus, Matt has been an elementary classroom teacher and PE teacher and the Middle School Head Track Coach at DCC for several years now.  I can give no higher praise than I am pleased to have had him teach my children a love of track and field, and then take one of them to very high levels of performance.  He is an excellent coach at DCC, with the Let It Fly Track LIFT, and as a private coach.
Nancy Spalding

Jackson Spalding 4 time State Champion in Shot and Discus

My name is Adrian Bruckner and I have known Coach Matt Krich for a while now and I have been training with him for a couple years.  In those years I have seen tremendous coaching abilities out of him while working with not just myself but with other athletes as well.  I highly recommend Coach Krich if you are looking for a great coach to help you improve your skills.  His uncanny ability to create an atmosphere where athletes want to become better athletically and personally in all aspects of their lives, is amazing to see and experience. 
Personally, as an athlete, I owe him my success as the 2015 5A Colorado State Discus Championship.  Without Coach Krich and his training this would not have been possible for me or so many other athletes that have achieved so much more than me.  I know Jackson Spalding, who went to Discovery Canyon, trained with Coach Krich in Summer JO programs and privately for years, and he did very well as 4 time State Champion in shot and discus. 
Coach Krich not only knows how to coach throwing events, but him being a part of the USATF, having coached at so many other schools, so many other athletes, he knows almost everything there is to know about all of the track and field events.  I have seen him work with kids as young as 8 years old as well as athletes older than he is.  He’s worked with people who do other sports such as volleyball, basketball, and football as their main sport and they still enjoy and do well in track as their secondary sport because of him.  I have experienced firsthand his ability to get his message and encouragement across to athletes by always having at least two or three way of explaining a concept to ensure it is understood, and not being afraid to demonstrate and help an athlete through the concept as long as possible for better understanding. 
Coach Krich is willing to put in the same amount of time as the athlete is into the training.  He has spent 5 hour days on Sunday’s training with me even though he had no obligation to be there, the only reason he spent so much time was to see me get better and succeed as an athlete.  He really cares about the athletes he works with.  Having the ability to talk to and understand everyone while still making them better not just on the field, but also off the field as people in general makes him the perfect person to be head a Summer JO program. 
Coach Krich helps everyone around him grow and become better and want to be better than they already are.  He creates that drive, passion, and intensity in athletes that make good or OK athletes become amazing athletes and champions.  He has worked with world class athletes that have gone on to compete in the Olympics.  Coach Krich still competes at the Masters Level, ranking at the top in the Nation and even ranked in the world.  Having this world class coach would only benefit your throwing as an athlete and as a whole person as part of a solid Summer JO Program.
Adrian Bruckner, Discus Colorado State Champion 2015 from Rampart HS

Adrian Bruckner State Champion in Discus​​

Coach Matt is really helping our son Matt Northway advance to the next level of throwing by instilling technique and strategy into all his throwing sessions. Coach Matt provides the right amount of motivation, encouragement and direction for our son! Thank you Coach for making a difference!  Scott Northway​​​
About Coach Matt Krich First of all, Coach Krich replied and agreed to my request to observe his throwing camp he was offering in July, 2014 very promptly. What impressed me about his instruction that the shot put and discus throwers received through the camp?: *Intentional progression of skills that built upon each other *Patience. There were some quality throwers and some not so quality throwers participating. Coach Krich exhibited patience with all the throwers no matter their level of skill. *Feedback. On nearly every throw or drill, Coach Krich had a keen eye to spot what they did well, and what to correct. He continually provided effective, useful feedback but did not overwhelm the athletes with too much information. *Repetition. There was nothing fancy about the skills the throwers were building. Solid fundamentals which were repeated with effective feedback. This, to me, is the sign of a quality instructor. *Knowledge. Coach Krich has quite an advanced knowledge of the shot put and discus. He has forgotten more than I will ever know about throwing. *Time. Coach was willing to work with any thrower who wanted to stay for extra work after the scheduled ending time for the throwing camp. *Improvement. If an athlete has a desire to improve and some innate throwing talents, they will certainly progress working with Coach Krich. Jeff Petrie, Colorado Springs ​​

Charles Broomfield 7th in State Discus as a Sophomore 2nd in shot