Join our Summer Junior Olympic Track & Field Program!

  • For Girls and Boys 11-18 years old
  • We are  a certified USATF Member Club
  • We are a full track program
  • All sprints, jumps, throws and distance
  • Can compete in 5-6 summer meets
  • Compete in State, Regionals and Nationals
  • Improve and/or learn  new skills
  • All while having fun and making new friends
     Welcome to Let It Fly Track (LIFT) Summer Junior Olympic (JO) Track Program, by Joining the LIFT program you can be certain to have a coaching staff that is top notch, who have all excelled in their chosen events at every level, and are enthusiastic to coach you in the events you know and want to learn.  Each coach enjoys coaching athletes at every level from beginner to elite, understanding how to take an athlete from any level to the next.  We offer every event available at the high school level, plus a few extra events such as 400 meter hurdles, javelin, and hammer throw.  With the LIFT team having such a variety of events, coaches, athletes, and personalities to enjoy, making every athlete and coach a unique and important part of the team.  You will make a strong connection with your coaches and other athletes helping you achieve the goals you have each set for yourself.  Know that no matter what level you come to us at you are good enough to be here.  With great coaches and your strong effort, being coachable, with a willingness to learn, there is no doubt you will have the growth you are looking for.  Along with your effort, willingness to help your fellow teammates, "Having Fun", and making new friends you will be making a great contribution to the LIFT Family!  
Read through the site and join us for a fun summer of competition with a goal of improving your marks and even qualifying for the National Championships.
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